Fostering Private Higher Education Institutions

Posted on April 2, 2013


Kompas, Page 7 (2)

About 70 percent of Indonesian children in their golden age receive education from private higher education institutions. Ironically, higher education institutions are minimally fostered, whereas their internal problems are highly complex. It is not to mention their internal conflicts, lecturers’ quality, and accountability.

In responding to the big challenge, the government is still ambiguous in making sure whether the equalization of higher education has been fulfilled. A very wrong step is to enhance the capacity of private higher education institutions. Allegedly, the fostering process that is expected from the Private Higher Education Institutions Coordinator (Kopertis) has not gone well, considering that coordinators will be to and fro visiting private higher education institutions in every graduation ceremony, where the fostering concept is minimal.

Fostering Private Higher Education Institutions

Fostering Private Higher Education Institutions

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