Fate of Part-Time Teachers Becoming Even Murkier

Posted on March 26, 2013


Kompas, Page 12 (2)

Part-time teachers in state schools must struggle for their rights against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty. After the halting of teachers’ professional allowances for unclear reasons, part-time teachers now have to struggle to ensure they are appointed as teachers with civil servant status.

Andi Azis, the coordinator of the West Java Part-Time Teachers Campaign Committee, said that the representatives of part-time teachers in state schools had last year sought input from the Constitutional Court on the discontinuation of professional teachers’ allowances for part-time teachers. The halting of allowances went ahead despite the fact that part-time teachers with at least 15 years experience were deemed to be certified, and entitled to receive a teacher’s professional allowance equivalent to their basic salary each month.

Fate of Part-Time Teachers Becoming Even Murkier

Fate of Part-Time Teachers Becoming Even Murkier

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