Curriculum 2013, Right Moment to Improve Teachers

Posted on March 25, 2013


Koran Tempo, Page A11

The World Bank’s report on Education Public Expenditure Review states that the education functional budge, which is 20 percent of the National Budget, is not yet effective in improving the quality of education.

In its implementation, Curriculum 2013 has actually designed training programs for teachers from superintendents and principals to classroom and subject teachers. The training is held in stages and continued with coaching. The model such as this has never been held before. Hopefully, it is through this training that the quality of teachers can be improved, so it is appropriate to put the Curriculum 2013 into practice. Thus, the initial objective of the change in curriculum will be really achieved.

Curriculum 2013, Right Moment to Improve Teachers

Curriculum 2013, Right Moment to Improve Teachers

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