Curriculum Project Reported to KPK

Posted on March 22, 2013


Koran Tempo, Page A7 (1)

Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) and the Indonesian United Federated Teachers Union have reported suspected corruption related to the 2013 Curriculum. They said that the project was vulnerable to corruption, particularly as regards the procurement of books.

ICW investigator Siti Juliantari Rachman said that suspicions of corruption were clear to be seen from the ballooning of costs. Originally, the budget was Rp 684 billion, but that had increased to Rp 1.4 trillion, and now stood at 2.491 trillion.

KPK Spokesman Johan Budi SP, said that that would take immediate action on the report.

Curriculum Project Reported to KPK

Curriculum Project Reported to KPK

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