2,400 Study Programs Unaccredited

Posted on March 21, 2013


Kompas, Page 12

Some 2,400 study programs operated by  both state and private universities were unaccredited in 2012, despite the fact that under the Higher Education Act (No. 12 of 2012), certificates/diplomas/degrees may only be awarded in respect of accredited programs.

Mansyur Ramly, the Head of the National Higher Education Accreditation Board (BAN-PT), said that some 2,400 study programs remained to be processed by BAN-PT at the end of 2012. He added that it is expected that the number of applications for study program accreditation could amount to 4,000 by September. Mansyur said that study programs that were not accredited due to the expiry of their previous accreditations or the fact that they were being processed would be given a dispensation in the form of Level C accreditation up to September of this year.

2,400 Study Programs Unaccredited

2,400 Study Programs Unaccredited

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