Problems in Islamic Religious Universities

Posted on March 18, 2013


Kompas, Page 12 (2)

Students receiving “Bidikmisi” scholarships in Islamic religious universities throughout Indonesia are complaining that their scholarship payments always arrive late. They also complain that the amounts they receive are not as they should be. These issues were raised at the first congress of Bidikmisi students from Islamic religious universities (PTAIN) throughout Indonesia. The congress was held at the State Maulana Malik Ibrahi State Islamic University (UIN) in Malang.

Representatives from a number of universities reported that their Bidikmisi scholarships for the 2012 intake of students had not yet been transferred/received, and no explanations had been forthcoming as to why this was the case. In addition, no explanations had been given by the relevant universities authorities.

Problems in Islamic Religious Universities

Problems in Islamic Religious Universities

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