Plus-Minus of Additional Tuition

Posted on March 15, 2013


Republika, Page 32 (3)

On 5 February all of state higher education institutions in Indonesia received a circular letter No. 97/E/KU/2013 from the Directorate General of Higher Education. In the letter, the Directorate General asked state higher education institutions to immediately eliminate the admission fee that is charged to every new student in the beginning of the first semester and to apply single tuition. Some relief of education fee is the objective of this new policy.

According to the Assistant Rector of Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes, meaning Semarang State University) who is in charge of General Administration, Dr Wahyono MM, the elimination of admission fee will certainly relieve the burden of students’ parents. It is because the admission fee has been the heaviest burden of educational fee for new students since long, amounting to tens of million Rupiah.

The elimination of admission fee will require students to pay only semi-annually tuition with the amount remaining the same until the end of their study.

By applying Single Tuition, the Rector of UNM, Prof Suparno, hoped that there will be more people seeing the ease to let their children study at higher education institutions. It is expected that with a simpler item of education, without being necessarily worried about by various charges, the amount of which is different each year, parents will not have objection anymore against educational fee in state universities.

Plus-Minus of Additional Tuition

Plus-Minus of Additional Tuition