Curriculum 2013

Posted on March 8, 2013


Kompas, Page 6

The Minister of Education and Culture responded to some articles written by those who are for or against the planned implementation of Curriculum 2013.

Muh Nuh concluded that those who questioned the Curriculum 2013 have different perception or have not entirely understood the concept of the competency-based curriculum as the ground for Curriculum 2013. Philosophically, education is a long and continuous process to transform students to be human beings in line with the objective of their creation, i.e. being useful for themselves, for fellow human beings, and for the universe and the whole contents and civilizations thereof.

Curriculum 2013 is a competency-based curriculum that was ever devised in the piloted Competency-Based Curriculum (KBK) 2004, but not yet completed due to the insistence to promptly implement the Education Unit Level Curriculum 2006. The formulation is based on a perspective that is different from the viewpoint on the matter-based curriculum, so, therefore, it is very possible that different perception would occur on how the curriculum should be designed.

Curriculum 2013

Curriculum 2013