Let’s Study, Mr. and Mrs. Teachers

Posted on March 6, 2013


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Since August 2012, the schools of High Scope Indonesia and SDN 19 Cilandak, which are monitored by Training and Quality Development (TQD) Departement –a private school that integrates curriculums from various researches, e.g. from High Scope Foundation in the United States of America, have been sharing their learning techniques through Foster School Program to school teachers in their neighborhood. The cooperation is begun with an observation conducted by the teachers of SD 19 Cilandak Padi Sekolah High Scope Indonesia.

In fact, the conventional education system that prioritizes lectures, tests, and academic grades is not moving too far from the school concept when it was established for the first time in the 16th century.

Let’s Study, Mr. and Mrs. Teachers

Let’s Study, Mr. and Mrs. Teachers

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