Single Tuition Fee System Still Work in Progress

Posted on March 2, 2013


Media Indonesia, Page 13 (1)

The ceilings for single tuition fees (UKT) in each state university, which were supposed to have been released at the end of February, are still being prepared, but according to Minister of Education M. Nuh they document should be signed and published next week. He said the government used three parameters for calculating UKT – course of study, quality and accreditation, and catchment area of the university. The government has already increased its operational assistance for universities (BOPTN) from Rp 1.5 trillion to Rp 2.7 trillion, as a result of which all universities were obliged to abolish admission fees, apply a single tuition fee system, and strive to reduce the financial burden on students.

The UKT system means that students will only be charged one fee per semester, and is designed to streamline the plethora of fees that students were charged previously. Any university not applying the UKT system will have their BOPTN allocations reduced.

In Purwokerto, a group of students at General Soedirman University said they would ensure that their university received a sufficient UKT allocation. They said that they would ask the university to involve them in determining its UKT application so as to avoid hardship for the students.

Meanwhile, the rector of the Selalas Maret State University (UNS) said that they could not yet set the university’s UKT as they were awaiting the relevant circular from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Single Tuition Fee System Still Work in Progress

Single Tuition Fee System Still Work in Progress