Schools’ Difficulties in Verifying Jakarta Smart Card (KJP)

Posted on March 1, 2013


Media Indonesia, Page 7

Verification process of students with KJP that obliges schools to conduct observation in all the neighbourhood in Jakarta in accordance to 2011 data from National Statistics Bureau (BPS) created difficulties in terms of schools resources. Some schools in West Jakarta tried to overcome the problems by inspecting the closest neighbourhoods to their areas, because the process to verify all the neighbourhood clusters in the data will take quite a time. The dynamic of data from BPS also created another problem, such as unmatched data of students’ genders and family economic status that was faced by SMAN 78, Jakarta, which comprises of students live in different zone of the school. Other schools such as SMPN 19, South Jakarta and SDN 01 Penjaringan, North Jakarta that verify the data by comparing the informations from BPS with that from classroom teachers and the Head of the Neighbourhood where the students live. In this case the role of the Heads of the Neighbourhood is very important for they know the living conditions of people living their area.

Schools' Difficulties in Verifying Jakarta Smart Card (KJP)

Schools’ Difficulties in Verifying Jakarta Smart Card (KJP)

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