Special Needs Schools Only Less Than 1%

Posted on February 23, 2013


Kompas, Page 12 (1)

The chance for children with special needs to complete primary education is far less than normal students at 63% due to a severe lack of special needs schools, according to Irwanto, head of the University of Indonesia’s Center for Disability Studies. Special needs schools made up less than 1% of all schools according to a 2005/2006 survey, he said, adding that inclusive education has been inappropriately forced with many inclusive schools were actually without special education teachers. Meanwhile, Mudjito, Director of Special Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, said the government will this year provide Rp84.3 billion worth of scholarship for special needs students at primary to senior secondary levels.

Special Needs Schools Only Less Than 1%

Special Needs Schools Only Less Than 1%

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