Students of 13,000 Schools Miss Out on SNMTPTN

Posted on February 22, 2013


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Final year students of around 13,000 senior secondary schools across the country will be missing out on the 2013 State University National Entrance Selection (SNMPTN) because their schools failed to register them for the selection due to various problems, particularly administrative issues. Only 14,680 out of the total 27,630 secondary schools completed the preliminary registration for the selection, said Akhmaloka, chairman of the SNMPTN committee. The number of participating schools this year was much higher than 7,701 last year, when the participation was limited based on school accreditation status and school quota. Meanwhile, Ibnu Hamad, spokesperson of the Ministry of Education and Culture, said to improve registration turnout the ministry had instructed education offices to make sure their local schools were properly registered and obtained the national school identification number.

Students of 13,000 Schools Miss Out on SNMTPTN

Students of 13,000 Schools Miss Out on SNMTPTN

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