Some Schools May Miss New Curriculum, VP Admits

Posted on February 12, 2013


Jakarta Globe, Page 9

Vice President Boediono has thrown his support to an immediate, gradual implementation of the new curriculum starting in the 2013 academic year. Given the actual conditions and the government’s limits, the new curriculum implementation should not have to reach all schools at once, he said. Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh said all junior and senior secondary schools will be forced to adopt the new curriculum this year. However, only 30% of primary schools were expected to implement it given the vast number of the schools. Nuh claimed the new curriculum has been warmly welcomed by educators, parents and the public. Criticisms toward the new curriculum have been a plenty and even education authorities in some regions including Yogyakarta have threatened to not introduce the new curriculum unless it is revised. With regard to the huge budget of Rp2.49 trillion allocated for the new curriculum, Boediono said all spending must be optimized and fully accounted for.

Some Schools May Miss New Curriculum, VP Admits

Some Schools May Miss New Curriculum, VP Admits