11.7 Million School-Age Children Still Illiterate

Posted on February 11, 2013


Koran Tempo, Page A6

The National Commission for Child Protection said the government has been slow in resolving the problem of school dropout and often concealed the real number of students who quit school due to poverty. The Commission’s chairman, Arist Merdeka Sirait, said the government has lied to the public for frequently claiming there were no more school dropouts in the country. Last week, Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh said school dropout remained a big problem. To eliminate the problem, the ministry will launch a new program in the 2013 academic year, said the ministry’s spokesperson Ibnu Hamad. Under the program, the government will give the Poor Student Scholarship to 14.3 million deserving students from primary to university levels this year.

11.7 Million School-Age Children Still Illiterate

11.7 Million School-Age Children Still Illiterate

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