Central Govt’ Takes Over Teacher Allowance Payment

Posted on February 9, 2013


Kompas, Page 12 (2)

The central government has decided to take over responsibilities to distribute teacher allowance, which this year reached Rp7.3 trillion in total covering 629,044 teachers, from regional governments this year, said Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh. The measure was taken because disbursement had often been late and incomplete despite the central government’s effort to ensure timely transfer of the allowance fund to the regional governments, he said. The majority of the fund will be used to pay functional allowance for 321,000 non-civil servant and private school teachers. Lawmakers have urged the government to closely monitoring the teacher allowance disbursement and make sure timely and complete payment of the allowance. The lawmakers said they received complaints of late payment in December 2012.

Central Govt’ Takes Over Teacher Allowance Payment

Central Govt’ Takes Over Teacher Allowance Payment

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