SNMPTN Lacks Transparency, Prone to Cheating

Posted on July 3, 2012


Koran Tempo, Page A7

The Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) has argued that the State University National Entrance Test’s (SNMPTN) organizing committee’s policy of not disclosing the applicants’ scores only made the program prone to cheating such as quota trading. ICW therefore urged the committee to publicly announce the applicants’ scores. The committee’s chairman, Akhmaloka, insisted that no one has the right to force the committee to publicize the scores because doing so will violate the applicants’ right. Previously, Ahmad Alamsyah Siregar of the Central Information Commission and Reni Marlinawati of the House’s Commission X have urged the committee to announce the scores because they are classified as open information.

SNMPTN Lacks Transparency, Prone to Cheating

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