Changes in SNMPTN 2013

Posted on March 31, 2012


Kompas, Page 12

Starting in the 2013 academic year, admission to state-owned universities through the State University National Entrance Test (SNMPTN) will be done entirely through the invitation-based selection program, which means no more written test, said Djoko Santoso, Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture. He said the Council of State-owned Universities has agreed that state universities will factor in both the students’ three-year study results and national exam (UN) scores into their admission decision. While 60% of the new seats will be filled by students selected through the invitation-based program, the remaining 40% will be filled by those enrolling through the entrance test conducted by each of the state universities, he added. Earlier, Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh has announced the government’s decision to scrap the registration fee for the SNMPTN’s invitation-based selection starting in 2013. The government will also increase its allocation for scholarship and education funding as part of efforts to ensure good access to university education for all, he added.

Changes in SNMPTN 2013

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