SM3T Teachers Hired Only for One Year

Posted on February 3, 2012


Media Indonesia, Page 23 (2)

The Ministry of Education and Culture has considered the recent protest by students of teacher training and education faculty (FKIP) at local universities in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) was based on a misunderstanding of the government’s Sarjana Mendidik in 3T Regions (SM3T) program. Local FKIP students do not need to worry that the teachers currently assigned on local schools under the SM3T program will rob them of their chance to get teaching assignment in the province because these teachers, who are graduates of selected teacher training institutes (LPTK), will leave after one year to continue with their professional teacher education (PPG), said Agus Susilohadi of the ministry’s Directorate of Educator and Teaching Personnel. Director of Educator and Teacher Personnel Supriadi Rustad said the SM3T program was actually the government’s response to requests made by regional education offices for additional teachers.

SM3T Teachers Hired Only for One Year

SM3T Teachers Hired Only for One Year

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