Biaya Kuliah UI, Kesepakatan Bersama

Posted on January 12, 2011


11th January 2011, Media Indonesia Page 14

The tuition fee imposed by the University of Indonesia for the 2008 academic calendar was a result of a calculation, which all representatives of the Civitas had been involved in the process and had agreed to, UI spokesperson Vishnu Juwono said yesterday. He was commenting to a request for disclosure made recently by the Indonesia Corruption Watch. The decision was to set the standard unit cost (SUC) per semester at Rp27 million for natural science programs, Rp58 million for medicine and dental medicine programs, and Rp18 million for the rest of the programs, he said. He said UI was well aware of the huge cost, thus charging the students only one-third of the total SUC, leaving the university and the government to take care of the remaining two-thirds.

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