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Posted on January 5, 2011


05th January 2011, Republika Page 7

The Ministry of State Administrative Reform (Kemenpan) will evaluate its current decree (PP 28/1981) concerning assignment of civil servant (PNS) teachers to private schools. Sukardiyono, head of the ministry’s personnel arrangement department, said the evaluation will be done in coordination with the Ministry of National Education. The evaluation is necessary to determine whether the regulation is still relevant to the current situation, he said, adding that the PP has never been reviewed before. He also acknowledged that the evaluation related to the recent developments that saw regional government withdrawing PNS teachers from their assignment in private schools. Surabaya city administration’s civil servant unit head Yayuk Eko Agustin said the administration has withdrew a number of PNS teachers as a respond to an instruction issued by the Kemenpan. Kemenpan issued the order for withdrawal last year, according to East Java education agency head Harun. Separately, Minister of National Education Mohammad Nuh said his ministry never considered the idea of pulling back PNS teachers from private schools. If the government can provide school operational assistance funds (BOS), then assigning PNS teachers should not be a problem, he said.

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