60 Persen Anggaran Pendidikan ke Daerah

Posted on January 5, 2011


05th January 2011, Republika Page 7

Minister of National Education Mohammad Nuh said the government will transfer 60%, or about Rp158 trillion, of this year’s education budget directly to the regions. This year’s national education budget is about Rp248 trillion (or 20.2% of the state budget), the minister said on Tuesday. The Ministry of National Education will get Rp55 trillion whereas the Ministry of Religious Affairs will get Rp27 trillion from the total budget, he said. Eighteen other ministries will also get parts of the budget for undertaking a series of educational functions. Meanwhile, Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali, speaking from the same venue, also told reporters that Rp26 trillion of their budget shares will be transferred to the regions, mostly for paying salaries and certification allowances of teachers. As much as Rp3.1 trillion will be allocated as school operational assistance (BOS) fund, which will benefit some 6.3 million students.
During his year-end review, Nuh said his ministry will strive to ensure efficiency in implementing its five core programs. In order to achieve good governance, promote anti-corruption awareness and strengthen monitoring over programs, the ministry will work together with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Nuh said. The KPK will help to monitor the implementation of the ministry’s policies accordingly, he added. With regard to the ministry’s budget allocation and usage, Nuh said his ministry’s budget will be allocated for paying personnel salary (13.1%), equipment procurement (33.9%), capital goods procurement (14.4%), and social assistance (38.9%). The largest chunk is dedicated for teachers, he said. With regard to BOS, the Ministry of National Education has urged regional administrations to also set aside an education budget for BOS purpose. Director General for Elementary and Secondary Education Suyanto mentioned that the operational cost for elementary level amounted to Rp580,000 and for junior high Rp710,000.