Steps to Change Teaching Paradigma

Posted on August 30, 2010


Republika Page 8

The article highlights Republika daily’s teacher training program that it has been in collaboration with state telecom firm Telkom running since 2006 as part of their CSR programs. The training program aims at improving Indonesian teachers’ teaching method, allowing them to teach in interactive, innovative and motivating ways. The Ministry of National Education’s Director General for Higher Education Djoko Santoso acknowledged that many teachers and university lecturers in Indonesia were still using conventional teaching method. This is corroborated by a USAID study, which showed that approximately one third of all subjects taught in the classrooms from elementary to higher education levels were delivered using one-way method in which the instructors will dominate the class sessions with his/her speech. This teacher training program has since benefited more than 2,000 teachers in various areas in the country.

Steps to Change Teaching Paradigma

Steps to Change Teaching Paradigma

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