Character Education Starts in 2014

Posted on August 30, 2010


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The Ministry of National Education is aiming to have character education be fully integrated in at least 25% of all school-based curriculums delivered from elementary to higher education levels in 2012, with the rest expected to follow by 2014. This is part of the ministry’s grand design on the nation’s character education, the ministry’s Research and Development Bureau Mansyur Ramli told a seminar on character education in Bogor (27/8). Commenting on the plan education observer Ki Darmaningtyas of Perguruan Taman Siswa urged the ministry to put emphasize on the substance, not merely on the method, and to base the character education effort on local culture. He also said that character education should not be made a subject for compulsory test. Meanwhile, character education advocates Rian and Rosi welcomed the plan, highlighting the importance of teaching children about characters and values from early on and the vital role of teachers as educators and role models throughout the process.

Character Education Starts in 2014

Character Education Starts in 2014



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